Wednesday, 26 August 2015

How to Hack Wifi Password using Kali Linux?

I am using Kali Linux because of its simplicity and powerful tools installed.

Wifite is a Linux platform tool (available on Kali, Backtrack 5, BlackBuntu, BackBox and Pentoo Operating Systems) which is used to attack multiple encrypted networks (WEP, WPA/2 and WPS) in a row. 

Here are some types of WIFI that you should know about:
1.WEP stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy Usually less than 10 Minutes (2 min. in our case) – 99.9% Chances.
2.WPA or WPA2 stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access & Usually few seconds to Never – 20% Chances.
3.WPS or WPS Enabled WPA/2 stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup Usually few hours (2 to 12 hours) – 50% Chances..

[Important]Step Before Hacking wifi:

In Terminal , type airmon-ng start wlan0 and kill the shown processes by typing kill PIDnumber.

So what are you waiting for start Hacking with Wifite:

Open Terminal and simply type wifite in it. Now you can see List of Available WiFi Access Points. (you must be root).

You will now start getting the details about your nearby wifi devices , it gets refreshed after every 5 secs....

To stop and start hacking your desired wifi device , press Ctrl+c.

For WEP type Encryption:

It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes for an attack to be completed. If one WEP Wifi attack fails, the other will be automatically come into action (for next 10 minutes).

In the image below, I’ll choose NUM 2 Wifi which is WEP and have clients, although signal is quiet low. After selecting “2” the WEP WiFi got cracked in just 2 minutes. That’s simply Amazing!

For WPS type Encryption:

Just choose your target (WPS enabled) and see the magic. As mentioned it might take few minutes to some hours depending on router you are attacking. So, be patient when you’ll try to Hack WiFi Password of WPS enabled WPA/WPA2 Network!

For WPA/WPA2 type Encryption:

Sorry guys, I just don't like this encryption because whenever I have tried to crack it by Dictionary attacks etc, to be true I failed and its very frustrating to....

So i suggest my dear readers not to waste their precious time in this encryption...:)

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